Choose your tan

Here at Kirsties, you have a choice in how to get that sun-kissed look.

Spray tan

Flawless Colour // No Orange // No Streaking // No Tan lines

Suzanne is fully qualified with over ten years experiences in spray tanning.
Getting a flawless colour to achieve a streak-less, natural look is the aim of every spray tan Suzanne completes.

To help achieve the natural look, we use Coco Bay Tanning products which is specially formulated to eliminate any streaking or spotting. Coco Bay is also fast drying leaving a smooth, spotless finish helping further that natural look. The product also has a coconut and aloe Vera base, which will nourish, hydrate,and protect your skin. And smells Devine.

There is a short consultation before, to ensure you have the tan that is tailored to your skin type. You can chose a light tan or go dark.

Tanning will take approx 15/20 minutes from start to finish.

DOES : Exfoliate the evening before your tan this will prevent any build up on any dry areas.
DONT’S :  Deodorants, moisture cream, and perfume must not be applied the day of your tan, as it will act has a barrier.

Price per tan:

Full Body £15.00
Upper Body £8.00
Lower Body £7.00
Face £5.00

Fast tanning sunbed

ONLY  33.3p* per minute! The cheapest in Exmouth.

3 minutes £1.00
6 minutes £2.00
9 minutes £3.00
12 minutes £4.00
15 minutes £5.00
18 minutes £6.00

Provided for our clients are:

Deodorants, face wipes, goggles, hair bands and drinking water.

Relax and lie down in comfort on our Ergoline sun bed, which has outstanding performance with 52 fast tanning tubes including 8 facial tubes, giving you a gorgeous natural tan in only a few sessions.

The emission on our bed is lowered to a safe UVB level of 0.3 and complies with the government legislation. Our bed has a high level of UVA which will give you a faster tan.

We also offer a range of tan accelerators which will maximise the results giving you a deeper tan.

It is important to use a good quality accelerator containing the right ingredients to stimulate the skin to tan faster, and keeping you skin moisturised, as your skin will continue to tan and produce melanin for up to 12 hours after the session.

*33.3p figured is rounded up to nearest whole pound.

Opening times

Monday Open by appointment only
Tuesday – Friday 8:30am – 6:30pm
Saturday 8:30am – 4pm

Early or evening bookings are available
If you would like to book out of hours please don’t hesitate to call on
01395 488084 / 01395 489341 / mob 07495514309